About Us

Pantry2Home is an integrated technology solution that supports the established infrastructure for food distribution, enhances opportunities for food resources that embrace technology, and addresses social determinants of health by connecting food insecure individuals to food pantries and health care resources. Pantry2Home places technology into the hands of marginalized community members and connects them to resources that meet their unique social needs. Multiple stakeholders, including food pantries, health systems, and government organizations are seeking to connect with food insecure individuals in order to provide them necessary resources. Because we have two end users- both food insecure individuals and food pantries- we are the connection.We know that most food pantries struggle with data tracking and organization. Even fewer pantries have a consistent method for sharing what food they have available with shoppers ahead of time. We know that most pantries are inundated with people needing food who are anxious and stressed and often spend a significant amount of time waiting in line to shop. And that's if they're lucky and your pantry has opened to shoppers again since the pandemic. For many pantries, pre-filled boxes have become the norm and still are. This disables choice and creates waste. Pantry2Home wants to change that.

We want to change the way that you track data. With Pantry2Home technology you can certify that a family meets the federal requirements to receive food. You can track how often they are coming for food. You can limit the frequency of visits. You can send messages to your shoppers directly when you have a last minute change of plans because your staff all came down with the stomach flu. We want to make your work simpler so that you can focus on helping those who need your help.

Our data package makes it easy for you to track the number of shoppers, amount of food going out, even what food is being distributed. Ever need these data at the drop a hat for some grant that you just found out about but you need to apply for by the end of the week? We're here to help. There are so many opportunities with Pantry2Home, please reach out to us and let us tell you more. We are a woman founded and woman run company.