Wish to collaborate with Pantry2Home?

Thank you for expressing interest in Pantry2Home!

We believe that we can improve and simplify your experience running a food pantry while simultaneously improving and simplifying the way that food insecure individuals acquire food. Our platform enables you to do a variety of things, from simply posting your location and hours (this is entirely free to do so and VERY important for food insecure individuals to have easy access to this information) to much more, including listing the food available that week, implementing on-line ordering, or even offering delivery services.

Think of us as your go to for everything needed to keep things running smoothly. Whether there's a weather issue forcing you to close unexpectedly or there's a listeria recall on the canned peaches that you provided last week. With any of Pantry2Home's plans you will be able to send mass communications to anyone who is a "member" of your food pantry. And becoming a “member” is free and easy. Pantry2Home offers a database for quickly and easily tracking how many people are coming, when they are coming, what the frequency of their visits are (and limiting them if that is how your pantry operates).

We would love to continue this conversation with you and share more of what Pantry2Home has to offer- including our unique approach to addressing health disparity in this population. We look forward to working with you and together we can create connections to elevate those in need.