Julie Eichhorn


I am a hands on the ground listener and partner for developing solutions to problems. I excel in making short term objectives transition into long term goals. Technology is a resource that can support social change and justice when applied to areas of need and gaps in our existing access to food, healthcare systems, and expanding the connections between these. I am a leader who stays focused to meet our Pantry2Home goals.

Laura Mendyk


I am a results driven leader who believes that meaningful change and transformation is only achieved through collaboration. I am passionate about operationalizing innovative solutions that achieve better outcomes in our professional and everyday lives. I believe that equity needs to extend to our daily lives and that we need to bring technological solutions to those people and markets that are traditionally overlooked.

Mihir Trivedi

Full-Stack Developer

I'm a web enthusiast and a Computer Science student at UW-Madison. I love writing efficient object-oriented code for web/application software and optimized queries for big data. Some of my other interests related to programming include multi-threaded programs, memory optimization, user interfaces, and computer science education. As the full-stack developer of the Pantry2Home platform, I design the frontend web pages, develop the backend using languages such as PHP and JavaScript, and maintain the databases in SQL. I also ensure that the website is SEO optimized, accessible to people with disabilities, and free from any errors. If you've any questions regarding the website or want to learn more about my work, feel free to email me at mihir@pantry2home.com.